Prezi desktop 5.2.7

Powerful tool used to make top-notch presentations

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Prezi desktop 5.2.7
Prezi desktop 5.2.1

Prezi Desktop is a piece of software that helps you create presentations that would impress anyone in a professional setting. In the simplest terms, this app is like PowerPoint, except it's free and lacks some of the more advanced functionality.

With Prezi, you can make slideshows with as much professionalism or the strongest casual undertones you prefer. Each presentation is called a 'prezi' by the software, and you can add your own information, video, and audio to your presentations. They can be organized in any way you wish to make them ideally logical, and you can use the software to help share your creations.

If you want to start with a blank project, you certainly can, or you can use one of the many brilliant templates that Prezi comes with. Those who have never created a presentation with the software are advised to start off with a template to help with the learning process. If you want to add images, voiceovers, or video, you can do so.

After the first draft is complete, you can edit the presentation to make it perfect. You can select individual elements that you want to change, and you can see all the editing options when you click on the element.

On the left of the app screen is a presentation path for your current project. This lets you see a brief preview of the entire presentation and how the app will progress through each element. This tool can be quite helpful for gauging the overall efficacy of a presentation from start to finish.

One slightly annoying feature of Prezi is that when you install the software, it places you in a free trial of the Pro version as opposed to directly into the free version. This is nice in that it allows you to see what the full version of the app can really do, but the app doesn't tell you what aspects will be removed if you choose to go with the free option. If you do keep the free option, you'll be able to use the Prezi Cloud, but you won't have much space to use. Your Prezis will also be publicly available.

Anyone with a bit of experience creating presentations in one app or another should have no trouble using this software. The are online tutorials and an expansive help tool built-in to the software if you need it.

PowerPoint was the industry standard for many years in the category of presentation development, and while that is still relatively true, there are some competitors out there and Prezi is one of them. The software is intuitive and fresh, and it generates excellent presentations. Even if you want to create a presentation with a lot of material and numerous effects, the software can handle it easily.


  • Strong Presentations
  • Simple Customizations
  • No Presentation Skills Required


  • Slow Tasks
  • Limited Sharing/Exporting Options
  • Pro Trial

The Prezi Desktop application helps you to create presentations that are unlike presentations made from traditional programs. Prezi is a program that changes the way your presentations look, and you get to be more creative than you would be with other programs.

#1: The Pros

  • Prezi gives you a forum where you create brand new presentations from the ground up. The program takes you through every step of the creation process. It also gives you tips as you move through each presentation.
  • Prezi allows you to add music and videos to your presentation. You can have music playing while the presentation is running. Moreover, you can have videos run on certain slides. You are not required to use music in your slides, but you can make your presentation as unique as possible.
  • There are many ways for your presentation to take shape. Namely, the templates on the program allow you to choose a style that works for you.
  • You can choose your color scheme, and you can change the shades of each color until you are completely satisfied with the appearance of the slide.

#2: The Cons

  • This program is like every other presentation program you'll use. You need to make sure that you understand how the program works before you get started.
  • Prezi offers a unique look that is no traditional in any sense. You may find that you cannot produce professional presentations that you would offer to a boardroom full of executives.
  • The templates and color schemes for the program is only accessible when you are working online. Your Internet connection must be running when you start working.

Producing new presentations for your class or job can be done if you download this software, but you need to make sure you understand how to use the program before you get started.

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